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Sunday, 6 November 2011


What's new in version 9

Usability and productivity
  • Streamlined commenting process: Access mark-up tools and view comments from a single, unified Annotations panel. A read or unread indicator shows which comments you have read and which you have not. Find comments quickly using the new Filter Comments feature.
  • Action wizard: Guide users through multi-step tasks and share with others using the new Action wizard. Actions can standardize procedures and increase consistency across an organization.
  • Read mode: Optimize your screen for reading and presentation of PDFs. Menus and panels disappear and a semi-transparent floating toolbar appears for navigation as needed.
  • Scanning enhancements: Scan paper documents into PDF and automatically recognize text with improved optical character recognition (OCR). Text can be copied for reuse in authoring applications or exported into Word and Excel formats. Reduce file sizes by up to 50%, improve image fidelity, and scan a combination of color and monochrome documents together with automatic color detection.
  • Search enhancements: Find and save a search, then export the search results to a PDF file or to a spreadsheet.
  • Microsoft SharePoint integration: Access SharePoint from any Acrobat Open or Save dialog. Open PDF files from SharePoint for viewing, check out PDF files for editing, and check PDF documents back in after edits are made.

PDF creation and sharing
  • PDF Portfolios: Assemble content into PDF Portfolios in three easy steps with the new PDF Portfolio wizard. Customize PDF Portfolios with layouts, visual themes, and color palettes. Digitally sign child documents within a PDF Portfolio. Accessibility support in File mode.
  • Microsoft Windows 7 and Office 2010: Create PDF files from within the most popular Office 2010 applications, as well as specialized applications such as Microsoft Project and Visio.
  • Mozilla Firefox support: Convert web pages to PDF, keeping all links intact.
  • PDF conversion to Excel and Word: Save PDF files as Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets, retaining the layout, fonts, formatting, and tables.

  • Password strength meter: Create better passwords with the password strength meter.
  • Online services: Send and store large documents using services at Use online Workspaces at to store and share a set of documents with individuals or teams outside your organization.
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