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Sunday, 30 September 2012


Antikiller game continues a brutal war between obnoxious crime gangs and a one man vigilante, a former police officer known as the Fox. Your choice is to join the brutal gangs as one of their leaders and fight your way to domination through rivers of blood, have your revenge as the Fox, or enter madman as Barkas, the notoriously dangerous no one's man. Based on the Antikiller motion picture.
Former criminal investigator, Major Korenev, nicknamed Fox, gets out of jail, where he spent many years after being betrayed by his corrupt colleagues, and settles scores with his old and new enemies. These enemies are so numerous that some viewers and critics found the film confusing and considered the 114 minutes allotted by the filmmaker for the enemies’ annihilation somewhat excessive.The film uncovers the anatomy of the beginning of Russian economical boom which began the in 1990s and the many varieties of crime which came with it. Fox (Gosha Kutsenko) went to jail when the Soviet Union was still alive, but returns from prison to a new country, Russia, which the film portrays as a lawless post-industrial wasteland ruled by competing criminal gangs. Fox settles accounts with Shaman (Alexander Baluev), the criminal boss who sent him to jail; kills Ape (Viktor Sukhorukov), a sadistic gang leader who kills and rapes randomly for art’s sake; topples the city’s major gangs; and reestablishes his version of the rule of law. The only criminal boss who survives the war among the major gangs is "Cross" (Sergei Shakurov), whose ascetic and down to earth style helps him to unseat the kingpin "Father" (Mikhail Ulyanov) modeled on Don Vito Corleone.
Processor= 1.4GHz
RAM= 256MB
Video= 32MB


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